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Kind + Jugend 2017

Hello there!


Wigiwama would like to show off a bit by inviting you to visit the world’s biggest trade show for children and baby products Kind + Jugend in Köln, Germany.  This year in the period 14-17 September Wigiwama will take its deserved place among all leading international or young and innovative companies, which offer baby and kids’ products.

We are planning to present the new collection of our teepees, highlight our best features and let the world know who we are ;)

Wigiwama products will be exhibited in venue 11.1 stand C-049. Please book your appointments with us to find out more. 


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Why Wigiwama?

So "Why Wigiwama?" you may ask… This article has been on my mind since we launched our webpage and its almost a year now. I really wanted to highlight, why Wigiwama is the perfect teepee to choose from various alternatives without sounding like an Ad agent. So I have decided to dissemble our teepee to bits and pieces for you to actually see and «taste» what we are striving for and why it is not justanotherknockoff.


Me and Anastasia have gone through so many fabrics designs when we started. We have searched dozens of suppliers to fit our quality and costs balance. We knew teepee is a success project from the beginning so we wanted it to be not just "mommy’s business" but an example to follow, the Brand to crave for. Wigiwama has to fulfil both mothers and toddlers expectations to be a place to dream in and play while being the best quality. After going from Korean to American, we have selected some exclusive European suppliers of fabrics. We use thick cotton canvas for durability and delicate bright fabrics for playful and creative look. 

Ready To Set Up

When you shop for a teepee, you want it to be a complete ready to set up piece. While the price is influential for many parents, you get Total Teepee Set from us – each teepee set contains teepee with custom-made collapsible wooden poles and a rope, padded floor mat and 1-2 cushion covers. No need to mix and match with anything else. Being mums of three little monkeys, we know the value for time and we certainly do not want you to look for poles or matching pillows. You get well-made stable and lasting teepee set for endless fun with your kid.


To finish of, many get surprised that we locate in Riga, Latvia. Teepees are handmade locally by the team of 5 workers. Even though they work overtime most of the time, we are constantly looking for good people to join our team and share our vision for quality and design. There are many other people involved in the processes of delivery, accounting etc. And Its two of us behind managing all the processes behind Wigiwama. So if you ever feel the need to speak to us – go on, drop a line, we don’t bite! :)

Nice to meet you, guys!

x Santa
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Merry Christmas

I have planned to finish this blog entry in early December but then we had a Black Friday and Christmas orders collapse. Still have but I really want to get you in Christmas mood by showing our Christmas photoshoot of our families. Actually I was going to tell you more about insights of Wigiwama but then upcoming Christmas Eve doesn’t seem to be the right time to get into businesses and stories.


So I guess, sitting all cuddled up in the lights of the Christmas tree I would like to express my sincere gratitude to friends and family for their support; to partners for the trust and help to achieve what we have achieved. There are so many people to thank personally for their help and assistance and flexibility and positive mind and so many other things. Thank you all for standing next to us when it is needed. We really look forward to the upcoming year with new ideas and we hope to take Wigiwama to the new level!


Separately and publicly, I would like to thank Anastasia for being  my real partner-in-crime in our adventures of entrepreneurship and motherhood. Emoji giggling at midnight about the past good or bad day is that what makes it work :) 


Have a Merry Christmas, friends! As promised, followed by some Christmas inspiration of us. 



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Black Friday Best Buys for Children 2017

Hey, we thought it might be a good idea to give little hints for you guys on what to look for on Black Friday. Black Friday Best Deals arrives on 25th of November. And all trendy and busy (time-wise) mums know its the best time to get your early heavily discounted Christmas gifts on time. And they say when the Thanksgiving dinner is finished, prepare your wish lists for Black Friday. And you know what’s best – now many stores are offering online discounts also on Black Friday, so you can enjoy both Black Friday shopping finished on top with Cyber Monday. 

So here is the list of Black Friday Best Buys 2017 for Children not to miss:

1. Chevron Teepee Tent

Children Teepee tents make a real statement in kid’s room recently. And you can’t blame it – kids play teepees can encourage some imaginative play, and keep your kids entertained for hours. Meanwhile, chevron is a huge hit and fits in with kids’ rooms of almost any style.

Where to buy:
Price (without BF discount): from €137.


Pss, we will have some nice offers throughout the day – stay tuned and subscribe so you will get an early access :)

2. Wooden blocks and toys

I’m a total wooden toy lover – if not an addict :) If you are in search for a beautiful high quality wooden gifts for kids, Happy Little Folks offer wooden blocks, toys and décor with a Nordic touch for kids and grown-ups. They ship worldwide and the designs is a total #onelove. Pay a visit to their homepage on Black Friday and you will not be disappointment – little wooden cameras are so lovely and make a perfect gift!

Where to buy:
Price (without BF discount): from €14.

3. LED Light Night Lamp

To continue the nursery décor theme, kids night light is perfect for a kid’s room or wall decor. Not only great as a stylish decoration but also will make little ones feel safer. You can hang it on the wall or put it on the side table. Many shapes to choose from to suit any taste and fit any nursery interior.

Where to buy:
Price (without BF disount): from €49.


They also happen to make some real Christmas themed lamps – like gingerbread man or Christmas tree. However, be on time as some designs are only custom made.

4. Wall Stickers

Stickers are budget yet very easy way to create that lovely look in your children’s room. Stick Stay is there to help you to create adventurous walls. They have vast selection of mostly monochrome stickers but pastel lovers may visit their “Balloon collection” for some dusty pink hot air balloons. Also they will have some huge savings on their webpage throughout the Black Friday so its your chance to catch some good offers.

Where to buy:
Price (without BF discount): from €10.13.

5. Art Posters

To all pastel lovers, let’s finish our Black Friday Best Buys Top 5 witt Mimirella art posters. Fairly priced and quality finished in Germany you can afford to buy these beautiful pastel posters in any time of the year – do not wait till Black Friday.

Where to buy:
Price (without BF discount): €8.32.

Look out for these lovely items on Black Friday and any time. Remember, these are small businesses with a true love and real stories behind! All lovingly handmade, packed and delivered to you.

x Anastasia
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The Story Behind WigiWama (Part 2 – First Teepee Inside!)

Thank you for all your support guys! Many of you contacted personally and it means so much to us. So I guess I shall continue on the story. However, to be honest, I feel a bit awkward as myself being a bit of a dinosaur in social media talking and exposing these details to the public is a huge step for me out of my cage. Lol

To continue, we left out at the point that me and Anastasia were walking and talking. Before we actually decided on making a teepee, we had various ideas like custom-made rain covers for prams. The niche is still new and relatively free with only couple competitors in luxury segment like Ellodie Details from Sweden. However, we had no idea how to optimize one unique cover model for so many prams out there. Moreover, we didn’t quite feel the actual need for them or shall we dig deeper into the subject? :)

I had just moved to our new apartment with a separate room for Timofey. So decorating it and styling it is the natural desire of every mum. I had always loved how teepees were stylishly incorporated in the nurseries and kid’s rooms of other families. It makes such a statement piece of décor – a fixture that takes over all sights when you enter the room. I was inspired and Pinterest was my God! After researching, I shall admit that I was taken aback by the costs - so I had a “need” to fill & no source to fill it. You guessed it, the first trial teepee was far behind a business project but rather a DIY project for my son for his upcoming Birthday! 

Shall I continue with DIY instructions here? Lol It was simple, couple of nights’ worth project and here is the picture :) We had a little Birthday celebration of Tima.


If I knew that I was going to share this family spam with the rest of the world I would have prepared myself better :) Naked truth as it is! The funny part was that Anastasia was not even invited to this party because we hardly knew each other. And just a couple of weeks later the WigiWama idea was born and out of the woods she becomes my No.1 on the phone list and the person I chat throughout the day – poor husband :)

x Santa
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