We ship to all countries in the European Union, as well as Switzerland and Norway. We offer free shipping to European Union countries*.

Currently, we do not offer worldwide shipping; however, Wigiwama products are available through our network of resellers around the globe.

All products will be dispatched within a period of 1-3 business days from our warehouse. The timeframe for delivery varies between 1 and 8 working days, depending on the specific location.

Country Delivery Cost Working Days
Austria FREE 3-4
Belgium FREE 3-4
Bulgaria FREE 5-6
Croatia FREE 5-8
Czechia FREE 3-5
Denmark FREE 4-5
Estonia FREE 1-2
Finland FREE 5-6
France FREE 4-7
Germany  FREE 3-5
Greece FREE 6-8
Hungary FREE 3-5
Italy FREE 4-8
Ireland FREE 5-6
Latvia FREE 1-2
Lithuania FREE 1-2
Luxembourg FREE 3-4
Netherlands FREE 3-4
Poland FREE 3-4
Portugal FREE 5-7
Romania FREE 4-7
Slovakia FREE 3-6
Slovenia FREE 3-6
Spain FREE 5-8
Sweden FREE 3-5
Cyprus €22+ 5-7
Malta €22+ 5-7
Norway €24+ 3-6
Switzerland €15+ 4-5

*Please note that this offer is exclusive to EU member countries, excluding Malta and Cyprus.

Exact shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.