Bees are swarming around. Flowers are in full bloom. The sound of birdsong. Spring is now upon us 🐰🐣

In honour of this wonderful holiday, we have prepared an easter top 5 gift ideas for you. Check it out!

1. Bunny Beanbag

The unique yet very stylish bunny beanbag has a playful approach to it. Intended for indoor use with a choice of cotton-based velvet, the bunny-shaped silhouette acts as an invitation to kick back and relax into its beads-filled support. An ideal gift to surprise your little ones with on easter morning. 

2. Bunny Backpack

Unique embroidered backpack is a perfect practical accessory for a small travellers who love to carry their belongings like crayons or favourite cuddly toys with them. Chocolate bunnies could be hidden there too.

3. Rainbow Box

The cylinder-shaped storage box is made from cardboard and embellished with a vibrant print. A perfect easter gift for messy ones to help keep their room inviting by storing away all those easter sweets. 

4. Plain Sunny Mustard Ottoman

Smart and stylish, soft round poufs — furniture piece kids can take with them and move from room to room. Gold zipper adds a luxurious finishing touch. Add to the kids room or maybe give it for yourself as an easter gift? 

5. Multi Rainbow Cushion

The lunar rainbow cushion will provide a warm, playful family atmosphere and bring a splash of colour for a celebration to remember.


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