Content brief

We present the Reader's Corner—a captivating space featuring our cozy and stylish beanbag and ottoman chair, designed to motivate children to embrace reading. This dedicated nook creates an inviting atmosphere that sparks curiosity and encourages kids to explore the world of imagination.

Transform any room into a captivating reading haven with Wigiwama's furniture. Our beanbag and ottoman chair provide comfort and style, making reading a delightful experience for children. With the perfect combination of design and coziness, our furniture inspires kids to unlock the wonders of books.

The content motive "Dive into your favourite book!" invites you and your child to grab your best-loved book and enjoy quality time together. Sit back, relax, and take yourself into a magical world with the beloved characters from your favourite book.

1. Let's ensure you capture Wigiwama products' beauty up close in your REEL VIDEOS and STORIES Please ensure the correct product position (no upside down or zipper seen in the photo/ video). Please do not place our products outdoors, only indoors.

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