Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Wigiwama classy beanbag and lounger? We are here to tell you!



First of all, both of them are made of OEKO-TEX® Cotton canvas and contribute to high and effective product safety for children. Beanbags are filled with EPS beads — the beads are non-flammable, food-grade, and smell free.

Secondly, both of them are ideal to have a cinema night with friends or browsing through the book. Everyone needs a quiet place and Wigiwama beanbags make the perfect relaxing seating, for a bedroom, playroom or living room.

The main difference is the size of the beanbags. Let's compare:
Classy beanbag: L 90 cm / W 60 cm / H 60 cm
Lounger: L 108 cm / W 60 cm / H 60 cm

Moreover, loungers have a comfy handle that allows kids to take the product with them and move from room to room.

Hope you find this article informative :)

Wigiwama team

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