Wigiwama Summer Reading Club

Spark love for reading to your kids and give yourself some well-deserved me-time!

Can you imagine a summer full of cosy reading moments with your kids? Then join the Wigiwama Summer Reading Club and get a free copy of “I Want to Be a Designer” with any purchase over €250!

Everyone has their own perfect summer holiday formula. Whether it's lazy days on the beach or active travel, family bonding or finally having some me-time, Wigiwama believes that a good book is the best component to brighten up any holiday. This summer we want to encourage your little ones to fall in love with reading (if they haven't already) and we're happy to help you create the perfect reading corner for them. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Every purchase over €250 comes with a free copy of "I Want to Be a Designer"!

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Reading is a fundamental building block of human development. It goes beyond just putting letters together to understand the words in a sentence – it also promotes critical thinking, builds vocabulary and stimulates imagination like nothing else. No wonder so many parents all over the world want to make reading an integral part of their children's lives.

Why join Wigiwama Summer Reading Club?
  • Summer holidays aren't just about relaxing, they're also about building good habits! Reading is one of the best habits your children can have (apart from brushing their teeth, of course!). Depending on their age, a reading routine can be as simple as a page a day for younger ones or a few chapters for more advanced readers.
  • Reading is fun in all weathers! Good books can "teleport" children to new worlds, whether it's the beach or a picnic in the park on a sunny day, or staying indoors when it's raining.
  • With Wigiwama you can create the cosiest and most relaxed reading lounge your children could ever dream of. They will spend more time reading if they are comfortable, right?
  • You'll have some me-time while your children are busy with their books! The simple fact of knowing that they are engaged in an activity that is both meaningful and educational will certainly allow you to enjoy a little time for yourself, free from worry.
  • Join the Wigiwama community. Share photos of your children enjoying their favourite storybooks on Wigiwama furniture on Instagram, tag us and become part of our community of parents who care.

You'll have some me-time while your children are busy with their books!

If your children are still struggling with reading, remember that you are not alone. Here are some tips to encourage your children to read more (suitable for different ages):
  1. Create a cosy reading lounge, and this is where Wigiwama comes in handy. Our furniture is lightweight and easy to move around, so keep in mind that the reading nook may migrate around the house!
  2. Read together. Take turns reading aloud and enjoy sharing this experience to create precious memories.
  3. Keep books around. Select books appropriate for your child's age and interests, and don’t forget to include a variety of genres – fairy tales, poetry, graphic novels, etc. to keep reading exciting.
  4. Choose thoughtfully designed books that cultivate good taste. Apart from enjoying reading, children will learn to recognise and appreciate quality, beauty and aesthetics in everything around them.
  5. Set a good example and make sure your children see you reading!
  6. Write short, sweet notes for your children to read (a love-you note, a plan for a long-awaited weekend trip, your favourite dessert recipe, etc.). Over time, these little messages will make your children love the idea of reading.
  7. Tell about your favourite childhood books and read one together – this will help your children connect with the little you, strengthening your bond and adding a warm feeling to the reading experience.
  8. Sign up your children to a kids' book club or start one yourself if there is none in your area. Some kids would enjoy a fun book party with their peers to discuss the stories they read.
  9. Let children be creative. Encourage them to draw scenes from the book, create a reader's journal, write their version of the story, pretend to be characters from the book and play!
  10. Celebrate reading successes. Whether it's finishing a page for a beginner or a whole storybook for an advanced reader, it's a great way to encourage an "I can do it" attitude that will keep your children going.

With Wigiwama, create the cosiest and most relaxed reading lounge your children could ever dream of.

We hope this helps and look forward to seeing you at the Wigiwama Summer Reading Club. Let's make reading fun together and don't forget, every purchase over €250 comes with a free copy of "I Want to Be a Designer"!

Have a great summer!

With love,