Please get familiar with our Terms & Conditions

★ Wigiwama offers collaborations on a barter basis.

★ The Influencer agrees to publish the prepared visual content material: 1 feed post or 1 reel + a set of stories (2-4 minimum), according to the Content Brief provided by the Community Manager.

★ The content must be published between July 1 and August 31. Please email a preview of your visual material (as an attachment or a WeTransfer link) to at least 72 hours before publication.

★ The Influencer agrees to include a unique link to the Wigiwama website (provided by the Community Manager) in their Instagram story to show us as their collaboration partner and help us evaluate the effectiveness of our partnership.

★ Materials posted must be positive, uphold the reputation of the Wigiwama brand and adhere to ethical standards.  Posts must not depict violence or weapons.

★ The Influencer agrees to leave an honest review of the products received on our website

★ The Influencer allows Wigiwama to use the content for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to: social media posts, stories, reels, videos, paid advertisements, web page visuals, product catalogues, B2B partner campaigns.

★ Failure to do so may result in Wigiwama terminating further collaboration with the Influencer and requesting the return of any received items in their original packaging.

★ We follow industry-standard data protection practices when collecting personal information directly from you.

★ The Influencer assumes responsibility for complying with the applicable standards and regulations of their country of residence (jurisdiction) concerning advertising on the social media accounts managed by the Influencer, including, but not limited to: paying taxes, being fully responsible and complying with the national regulatory framework if children are featured in the promotional materials.