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Our Story

1 idea. 2 mums. 3 kids. 

Let's get to know each other – we are 2 young mothers – Santa and Anastasia – behind WigiWama raising three kids together – Timofey, Alexandra and Oliver. Teepee is a great way for us to live the fantasy and childhood with our kids. And even though we are newbies both to parenthood and entrepreneurship, we do what we do with great passion and love for every detail.

We imagine teepees as a place for your little one to dream in, a secret place to hide in and escape, a reading space to have some time with your friends. It sets the perfect environment for your little one to create his own fantasy world.

We truly hope that you and your little one will enjoy endless happy moments with our Wigiwama as much as we do!

We create our teepees with great attention to details and materials that we are using. We have carefully selected our suppliers and designed WigiWama Teepees with our number one customer in mind - KIDS!  

Santa x Anastasia