Humble Beginnings

The story of Wigiwama began with a DIY teepee, lovingly crafted on the floor of my living room for my daughter's first birthday. Sewn by a talented local craftsman from the neighbourhood, it sparked the inspiration that now fuels our exciting adventure.

Today, Wigiwama is an award-winning Latvian interior design brand that helps parents create aesthetic, elegant and clutter-free spaces for their children to thrive in and cultivate good taste from an early age.

A Little Wigi

Our signature style, lovingly called Wigi, is a celebration of beauty, timeless elegance, versatility, durability and functionality.

We redefine minimalism with unique designs, elegant colours and soft textures that add a contemporary aesthetic to any interior. From the children’s room to the living area, our high-quality products are versatile enough to find their perfect spot anywhere in the house without looking out of place.

Let Kids Be Kids

Our furniture and other items are designed to let kids be, well... kids, to embrace their playful spirit and let their imagination run wild - something we adults could definitely use more of!

Childhood Fully Lived

Childhood is a precious time that passes all too quickly. Wigiwama products help parents in designing beautiful spaces for their little ones to explore, dream, and create their own magical worlds and memories that they'll cherish forever.

As we move forward, we're always working hard, just like every other parent out there, to create a range of beautiful and unique products for the home, bringing a little Wigi to families all over the world.

With love,

Anastasia, Founder of Wigiwama

Our Values

Going green for us means taking responsibility for what we do. Have you thought that just a fact of running a small business like ours has a significant impact on the environment? Sourcing materials, making our products in our factory, and shipping all your orders daily — we're continually working to reduce this impact in our business life. 

Anastasia, the founder of Wigiwama, answers the main questions about our values and our sustainability journey.

Where Is Wigiwama Produced?

All our products are lovingly handmade in our factory in Latvia (EU), where we have full control over the entire production process. By managing everything in-house, we can closely monitor every detail and manage the short-distance production chain to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions.

When Sourcing For New Projects, What Is Your Main Focus?

When we source materials, we focus on organic cotton fabrics and recycled textiles and all of them being certified with OEKO-Tex class 1, which is the highest classification in the textile industry. Our filling for beanbags and cushions is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Although EPS beads are not biodegradable, they can be reused and recycled.

How Is The Wigiwama Product Packed?

We reduce the use of plastic in every way we can — all our boxes are cardboard, painted with water-based paints, and fully recyclable. We are swatching plastic parcel strapping for recyclable paper tape. Our branded product bags are made from recycled plastic and can be reused in any way you can imagine.

How Do I Receive My Wigiwama Delivery?

Your order will be shipped in a CO2-neutral way. For all shipments, we use GoGreen climate-neutral delivery when all transport-related CO2 emissions are calculated and then offset through climate protection initiatives. When possible, the parcel will be delivered by environmentally friendly transport, e.g vehicles on alternative fuels or bikes.

What Is Sustainability For You?

In the ideal world, we want to be 100% sustainable in everything we do. We are not there yet, but we start by being honest with ourselves about our current efforts.